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Cheat Sheet


How do I run a scheduled job?

  • Add a file in the schedules directory
  • The file name is the schedule name that will show in the console, logs, etc
  • The default export is a function that will run on a schedule
  • The named export schedule specifies when and how often to run the function
  • Deploy

For example:

export default async function() {
// do some work here

export const schedule = "daily";

How do I schedule a job to run every X?

You can use a cron expression:

  • "0 * * * *" will run at minute 0 every hour
  • "0 0 * * *" will run at midnight (UTC) every day
  • "0 7 * * 1" will run at 7:00 AM (UTC) every Monday
  • "0 7 1 * *" will run at 7:00 AM (UTC) on the first day of every month

You can also use common expressions like "every 15 minutes", "hourly", "every day at 17:00", etc.

Do scheduled jobs have a time limit?

Yes. The default time limit is 5 minutes. However, if you schedule the job to run more frequently (eg every minute), the default timeout would be the time difference between each run.

You can export config.timeout to extend the timeout up to the limit of 15 minutes. However, for longer jobs, you may want to use queues instead.

How do I now if the scheduled job ran on time?

  • npx queue-run status will show you each scheduled job, when it ran for the last time, and when it's expected to run again
  • npx queue-run metrics schedule <name> -r 90d will show metrics for the last 90 days (you can use any other time range)
  • npx queue-run logs will show you the server logs, with messages like Schedule finished: "daily" jobId="4b34115c-f94a-1c20-0a91-c4c22a9f436f"

See Monitoring & Visibility for more details.

How do I monitor my scheduled jobs?

Monitoring should be separate from your backend so it's not subject to the same failure mode.

Recommend using a 3rd party service like or See Monitoring for more details.

Can I run a scheduled job manually?

Yes. Use npx queue-run schedule <name> to run the scheduled job. See Run Job Manually.

How do I disable a scheduled job?

Permanentaly? Remove the file and re-deploy.

Temporarily? Change the schedule to "never" (or null) and re-deploy.